Table 1: Patients’ baseline characteristics and ORA parameters

From: Effect of glucosamine on intraocular pressure: a randomized clinical trial

 Female33 (75.0%)34 (77.3%)0.803b
Diabetes mellitus
 No37 (84.1%)40 (90.9%)0.334b
 Yes7 (15.9%)4 (9.1%) 
 No33 (75.0%)36 (81.8%)0.437b
 Yes11 (25.0%)8 (18.2%) 
Baseline IOP
 Median (range)12 (8–19)12 (10–20) 
Baseline IOPcc
Baseline IOPg
Baseline CRF
Baseline CH
  1. Abbreviations: CH, corneal hysteresis; CRF, corneal resistance factor; IOPcc, intraocular pressure corneal compensated; IOPg, intraocular pressure Goldmann correlated.
  2. aOn the basis of t-test.
  3. bOn the basis of χ2-test.
  4. cOn the basis of linear mixed model.