Table 2 Difference in pre and post-intervention STAI-S scores compared between groups by Sidak analysis

From: The effect of music with and without binaural beat audio on operative anxiety in patients undergoing cataract surgery: a randomized controlled trial

  Mean (S.D.) P-value
  Control (n=47) MI (n=44) BB (n=44) Control vs MI Control vs BB MI vs BB
Difference in pre and post STAI-S scores* −2.9 (4.4) −7.0 (4.8) −9.0 (4.2) <0.001 <0.001 0.085
  1. Abbreviations: BB, Binaural Beats and Musical Interventions; Control, No music; MI, Musical Interventions; STAI-S, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-State.
  2. Differences in STAI-S scores (Initial STAI-S score minus Post STAI-S score). Subjective measurement of decrease in anxiety.