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The use of dynamic ultrasound B-scan to detect retinal tears in spontaneous vitreous haemorrhage


The use of dynamic ultrasound B-scan to detect retinal tears in spontaneous vitreous haemorrhage is described. A 6-month prospective study was undertaken of non-diabetic patients who presented with spontaneous vitreous haemorrhage, in whom the fundus could not be visualised and in whom a rhegmatogenous aetiology was suspected. Patients were followed up at least weekly with repeat B-scans until adequate fundus visualisation was possible. Eight patients in total were included in the study; of these, 4 were thought to have retinal tear at initial ultrasound examination and this was confirmed later when the haemorrhage cleared. A scanning protocol is suggested.


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Nischal, K., James, J. & McAllister, J. The use of dynamic ultrasound B-scan to detect retinal tears in spontaneous vitreous haemorrhage. Eye 9, 502–506 (1995).

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  • Dynamic ultrasound B-scan
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