Table 3 Illustrative quotes of knowledge, attitude and deliberation

From: Development and validation of a measure of informed choice for women undergoing non-invasive prenatal testing for aneuploidy

Domain Illustrative quote
Good knowledge ‘She said it was non-invasive so it wouldn't harm the baby at all, it was just a blood test...If it was ‘highly likely’ I would be offered an invasive test that would give me a definite answer if it was Down’s syndrome’ 31 years, low risk and had NIPT
Poor knowledge ‘We could get the results much quicker than an amnio. It’s somewhat more accurate I think than the CVS.’ 39 years, high risk and had NIPT
Positive attitude ‘I think I’d just want to be better informed about Down’s Syndrome and be prepared for it.’ 23 years, high risk and had NIPT
Negative attitude ‘The thought of having to make a decision about what to do afterwards…I didn’t feel the need to go further down that road’ 39 years, low risk and declined further testing
Neutral or ambivalent attitude ‘I’m quite happy to help out with studies…I kind of think the more you look the more likely you are to get a result that is unusual, even if it doesn’t actually turn out to be something and actually the worry that that causes isn't really worth it… but then still when offered it I still do it! So there’s a bit of a discrepancy there between my thoughts and my actions.’ 32 years, low risk and had NIPT
Deliberated ‘I discussed it with my partner and explained obviously what it was and, you know, we discussed the pros and cons and really, for us, there were no cons because it was a simple blood test and we just decided that it would be much better to have all the knowledge up front.’ 32 years, low risk and had NIPT
Not deliberated ‘I just accepted on the spot because I thought well that’s brilliant, that’s extra information and with no risk, why wouldn't I accept that?’ 35 years, low risk and had NIPT
‘Having already decided that I was going to have the combined screen having this one was kind of a no-brainer because it does the same thing only it’s better and it doesn’t involve any risk’. 38 years, low risk and had NIPT