Table 2 Summary of multidimensional measure of informed choice

From: Development and validation of a measure of informed choice for women undergoing non-invasive prenatal testing for aneuploidy

Measure Description Items Reliability a Range Cutoff Mean (SD) Outcome
Knowledge scale Knowledge of NIPT, how it compares with standard DSS, options if the NIPT result is positive, knowledge about Down syndrome 12 questions, multiple choice answers 0.69 0–12 ≥9=good knowledge 11.1 (1.5) Good knowledge: 95%
Attitude scale Attitude towards having NIPT Five 5-point Likert items 0.94 0–20 0–6=positive
2.2 (3.7) Positive: 88%
Negative: 2%
Neutral: 10%
Deliberation scale Evaluating alternatives, considering consequences, weighing up pros and cons Six 5-point Likert items 0.84 0–24 0–12=deliberated 5.2 (5.0) Deliberated: 92%
Uptake Whether NIPT was accepted or declined Choice of 4 options: NIPT, no further testing, straight for invasive, invasive and NIPT NIPT: 94%
NIPT and invasive: 4%
No further testing: 2%
Informed choiceb Good knowledge, deliberated, attitude and behaviour match. Calculated Informed choice: 89% inc. deliberation
94% excl. deliberation
  1. Abbreviation: DSS, Down syndrome screening.
  2. aReliability was assessed using Cronbach’s alpha.
  3. bCalculation does not include women with a neutral attitude.