Table 2 Comparison between the Y-STR profiles of the three analyzed members of the Bourbon family and the partial Y-STR profiles of the presumed blood sample of Louis XVI and the presumed head of Henri IV

From: Genetic genealogy reveals true Y haplogroup of House of Bourbon contradicting recent identification of the presumed remains of two French Kings

Sample pairs N Y-STR N mutations Mutation rate (mutions/generation) N exp meioses N calc meioses (95% CI)
A vs SH 38 2 5.91E-03 5 3–33
A vs JH 38 4 5.91E-03 23 5–41
SH vs JH 38 3 5.91E-03 22 8–48
A vs Blood 17 25 3.23E-03 14 260–830
SH vs lood 17 25 3.23E-03 13 260–830
JH vs Blood 17 26 3.23E-03 17 330–1050
A vs Head 6 7 2.82E-03 13 90–755
SH vs Head 6 7 2.82E-03 12 90–755
JH vs Head 6 8 2.82E-03 12 160–1110
Blood vs Head 6 1 2.82E-03 7 16–362
A vs Head 3 4 3.73E-03 13 30–630
SH vs Head 3 4 3.73E-03 12 30–630
JH vs Head 3 5 3.73E-03 12 100–1280
Blood vs Head 3 1 3.73E-03 7 30–630
  1. A difference has been made between the six Y-STR profiles and the three verified Y-STR profiles for the presumed head of Henri IV as only three out of six Y-STR alleles were reproduced in a second PCR. Sample A: Axel, Prince of Bourbon-Parma; Sample SH: Sixte-Henri, Prince of Bourbon-Parma; Sample JH: João Henrique, Prince of Orléans-Braganza.
  2. NY-STRs: number of commonly genotyped Y-STRs for each pair of samples. Nmutations: number of mutations assuming that each mutation leads to a gain or loss of one repeat unit on the commonly genotyped Y-STRs for each pair of samples. Mutation rate: estimated averaged mutation rate for the set of commonly genotyped Y-STRs based on the individual mutation rates measured in Ballantyne et al.35 Nexp meioses: number of expected meioses between the two samples based on the official genealogy; Ncalc meioses: number of meioses based on the Walsh formulae36 with a 95% confidence interval (CI).