Table 2 Features of the pseudoautosomal regions in comparison to the sex chromosomes and the autosomal range

From: The human pseudoautosomal regions: a review for genetic epidemiologists

Genetic region Physical length (Mb) Known protein coding genes (Mb) Male recombination activity (cM/Mb) Female recombination activity (cM/Mb) Male/female quotient of genetic length
PAR1 2.7 10 4.33–20.48 0.30–1.55 2.8–14.6
PAR2 0.33 15 6.06
X-specific 165 6 1.21
Y-specific 60 3
Autosomal range 46–245 3–23 0.80–2.40 1.40–2.80 0.57–0.85
  1. Abbreviation: PAR, pseudoautosomal region.
  2. Physical map lengths and known protein coding genes are taken from the Ensembl database,41 genetic map lengths for autosomes from the Rutgers map.30 For genetic lengths of PARs see Table 1.