Table 2 Correlation analysis between anthropometric variables

From: Effects of exercise during the holiday season on changes in body weight, body composition and blood pressure

  Change in BW (kg) Change in BF% (%)
Change in BW (kg)
Change in BF% (%) r=0.060
Pre-BW (kg) r=0.203 r=0.333
  P=0.013 P<0.001
Pre-BF (%) r=0.107 r=0.052
  P=0.192 P=0.531
BMI (kg/m2) r=0.089* r=0.253
  P=0.282 P=0.002
Age (years) r=0.015 r=0.143
  P=0.856 P=0.083
  1. Pearson’s correlation analysis was performed between both baseline and change anthropometric data. The r represents the Pearson’s correlation coefficient and the p represents the corresponding P-value.
  2. Significant correlations are denoted by bolded, italicized r and P-values.
  3. Nonsignificant, tendency toward significance defined as 0.05>P<0.1 is indicated by ‘*’.