Table 2 Physical activity levels of the three groups at the time of study

From: Long-term effect of exercise on bone mineral density and body composition in post-menopausal ex-elite athletes: a retrospective study

  Sedentary controls (n=24) Runners (n=12) Swimmers (n=12)
Total physical activity (hours over 15 years) 910.0±367.7 7088.3±4990.3⁁ 7425.1±3890.0⁁
Physical activity (hours per week) 3.0±2.5 22.0±9.0⁁ 30.0±10.0⁁
Actual physical activity (hours per week) 3.0±1.0 4.4±1.0 5.1±2.1
  1. P<0.001; multiple comparisons Bonferroni's test, controls versus runners and swimmers.