Table 5 Summary of case series on feeding jejunostomy in oesophagectomy patients

From: Nutritional access routes following oesophagectomy—a systematic review

Study Type of study n Type of disease Type of operation Type of Jejunostomy Type of formula Age Co-morbidities Preoperative moderate to severe malnutrition
Ryan et al. (2006) Prospective 205 Malignancy Two -stage oesophagectomy—75%
NCJ Fresubin original 62 (29–83) MR NR 33%
Sica et al. (2005) Retrospective 262 Malignancy Left thoracoabdominal—45%
Witzel NCJ Osmolite standard 66 (29–82) MR NR NR
Han-Geurts et al. (2004) Retrospective 1166 Malignancy—77%
Gastrooesophageal reflux—7%
Oesophagogastric resection and stomach tube reconstruction—82%
OG resection and colonic interposition—13.2%
NCJ (Delaney technique) Nutrison NR NR NR
Mercer and Mungara (1996) Prospective 32 Malignancy Thoracoabdominal oesophagectomy—84%
Total oesophagectomy—16%
NR Various Range 42–76 Stage I–5
Stage II-25
Stage III-2
Gerndt and Orringer (1994) Retrospective 523 Malignancy—66%
Benign disease—34%
NR Modified Witzel NR 57.9 (14–62) MR NR NR
  1. Abbreviations: NCJ, needle catheter jejunostomy; NR, not reported; MR, median and range; OG, oesophagogastric.