Table 1 Summary of included studies

From: Nutritional access routes following oesophagectomy—a systematic review

Study Design Terms of reference Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria Intervention Control Main findings
  NS S
Han-Geurts et al. (2007) RCT Jej vs ND tube Oesophagectomy patients   79 Jej 71 ND Overall complications, catheter-related complications, mortality Nil
Cooper et al. (2006) RCT PPN vs IvH Oesophagectomy patients Unresectable disease, medically unfit 16 PPN 11 IvH 1-year mortality, 30-d nutritional status 90-d mortality higher in IvH group
Shiraishi et al. (2005) RCT Jej feed vs CLPN Oesophagectomy patients Local invasion, preoperative chemotherapy or radiotherapy, major complications, age >75 8 Jej 7 CLPN Mortality, nutritional status Nil
Page et al. (2002) RCT NJ tube vs iv hydration Oesophagectomy patients Metastasis, locally unresectable disease, adequate general performance status 20 NJ 20 IvH Complications, 7-d nutritional status Nil
Aiko et al. (2001) RCT Jej and CLPN vs CLPN Oesophagectomy patients Long-term preoperative fasting, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, steroids, thoracic duct resection 13 Jej CLPN 11 CLPN Complications, 7-d nutritional status7d Bilirubin and CRP higher in CLPN, lymphocyte counts higher in Jej CLPN group
Gabor et al. (2005) CCT NJ tube and CLPN vs CLPN Patients for radical resection and oesophageal reconstruction with NJ tube vs historical CLPN group, stage I–III disease   44 NJ CLPN 44 CLPN 30-d mortality, anastomotic leak ICU and hospital stay shorter in NJ group
  1. Abbreviations: CCT, case control trial; CLPN, central line parenteral nutrition; CRP, C-reactive protein; d, day; ICU, intensive care unit; iv, intravenous; IvH, intravenous hydration; Jej, jejunostomy; ND, nasoduodenal; NJ, nasojejunal; NS, statistically not significant; PPN, peripheral parenteral nutrition; PPN, peripheral parenteral nutrition; RCT, randomised control trial; S, statistically significant.