Table 2 Food categories with significant differences in mean sodium content between brand types (α=5%)

From: Nutritional quality and labelling of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals: the contribution of the French observatory of food quality

  Mean sodium content (g/100 g) per type of brand P-value
Filled cereals DB (0.16 g/100 g)
SB (0.24 g/100 g)
NB (0.36 g/100 g)
Light cereals NB (0.39 g/100 g)
DB (0.66 g/100 g)
SB (0.72 g/100 g)
Crunchy muesli NB (0.09 g/100 g)
DB (0.21 g/100 g)
SB (0.22 g/100 g)
  1. Abbreviations: DB, discount brands; NB, national brands; SB, store brands.