Table 1 Glutamine in meat protein and casein-based formula protein (g/100 g protein)

From: Evaluation of a novel food composition database that includes glutamine and other amino acids derived from gene sequencing data

Amino acid Meat Casein-based formula
  Sequencing method Modified biochemical a, b Sequencing method Modified biochemical a, c
Glutamine (%) 4.8 4.4 8.7 9.2
Glutamate (%) 10.3 13.2 11.2 13.6
  1. aEstimated from GLX=glutamic acid+glutamine+pyroglutamic acid, obtained from dipeptide hydrolysis where glutamate is overestimated (GLX−glutamine).
  2. bAdapted from Kuhn et al. (1999).
  3. cAdapted from Baxter et al. (2004).