Table 3: Multiple regression model to predict the plasma TAC according to age, sex and the nutritional intervention

From: A 3 years follow-up of a Mediterranean diet rich in virgin olive oil is associated with high plasma antioxidant capacity and reduced body weight gain

  B (95% CI)aP-value
Age( × 1 additional year)0.016 (−0.838 to 3.158)0.253
SexMales0 (ref.) 
 Females−0.160 (−0.490 to 0.171)0.341
Nutritional interventionControl0 (ref.) 
 Virgin olive oil1.497 (1.095–1.900)<0.001
 Nuts1.011 (0.605–1.416)<0.001
  1. Abbreviation: B, coefficient of the multiple linear regression model.
  2. a Dependent variable: total plasma antioxidant capacity (mM Trolox).
  3. P-values in bold indicate that they are statistically significant.