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Expediting precision medicine for pediatric brain cancers


Nationwide Children's Hospital

Brain cancer is now the leading cause of death by disease in children over 1 year old in the United States. But unlike other pediatric cancers, the standard of care to treat these malignant brain tumors has not changed significantly in the last 30 years.

Moving the needle on treatments and outcomes requires a paradigm shift in the conventional approaches to pediatric medicine. By applying precision medicine strategies pioneered in adult cancers, leveraging research approaches that acknowledge the distinct biology of pediatric cancers, and integrating all phases of care, from pre-clinical work to FDA approval, the field can achieve better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of pediatric brain cancer and develop targeted therapeutics that will change outcomes for children everywhere.

This webcast will present how the close interdisciplinary coordination of pediatric neuro-oncology, cell and cancer immunotherapy, and precision genomic medicine have accelerated the rate of discovery and widened the reach of available treatment options for patients with pediatric brain cancers.


• How the close alignment of innovative research and trials can expedite discovery in treating pediatric brain cancer

• Bringing advanced technologies into the pediatric setting

• What is on the horizon for pediatric cancer immunotherapy approaches

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Maryam Fouladi, Co-executive Director of Neuro-Oncology, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Maryam Fouladi

Maryam Fouladi, MD, MSc, FRCP, is trusted globally amongst neuro-oncologists for her innovative approaches to pediatric brain tumor treatment, and is particularly renowned for her work in phase I clinical trials. She is the founding director of CONNECT, an international consortium focused on developing and testing novel therapies in early phase clinical trials.

Elaine Mardis, Co-executive Director, Institute for Genomic Medicine, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Elaine Mardis

Elaine Mardis, PhD, is an internationally recognized expert in cancer genomics, with ongoing interests in the integrated characterization of cancer genomes, defining DNA-based somatic and germline interactions and RNA-based pathways, and immune microenvironments that lead to cancer onset and progression, specifically involving pediatric cancers.

Dean Lee, Director, Cellular Therapy and Cancer Immunology Program, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Dean Lee

Dean A. Lee, MD, PhD, leads a translational research program focusing on approaches to enhance the natural killer (NK) cell response to cancer, with an emphasis on engineering NK cells for adoptive immunotherapy. He has developed a method for consistent, robust expansion of highly active clinical-grade NK cells, enabling repeated delivery of large cell doses for improved efficacy.


Nikki Forrester, Freelance Science Writer and Editor

Moderator Nikki Forrester

Nikki Forrester is a science journalist who covers biology, natural history, climate, and the culture of academic research. She earned a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology in 2019.


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