A researcher documenting ant colonies. Credit: Subhra Priyadarshini

Does the mobile phone have a place in the lab?

The smartphone is a great example of technology leapfrog in countries like India, where a vast majority of phone users never had a landline. The increasing penetration of affordable mobile phones in developing countries is now making it possible for scientists to conduct meaningful and timely research, in the lab, field or while working from home.

Nature India's 'Our mobile world' podcast series will look at the many ways in which the smartphone has changed India’s science-society dynamics and the way researchers work. We will look at themes ranging from smartphones as enablers of science and research in India, to digital health, digital illiteracy, research around mobile phone e-waste, the gender digital divide and innovations in healthcare, medicine, agriculture and governance. We've chosen stories predominantly from India but also have examples from other counties in the global south.