Shoba S. Meera interacting with a child in her laboratory. Credit: Shoba S. Meera

Redefining 'conversations' between autistic children and their families using speech language pathology research

When we speak of scientists, what comes to mind? Test tubes, petri dishes, boring white lab coats in a boring old lab? How about mountain tops or the depths of the ocean, astrophysics observatories or remote wildlife sanctuaries? In this series called “I am a scientist and this is where I work”, we introduce you to the lives of scientists who work in diverse and unique settings – far removed from the popular stereotypes. Over the next few episodes, we will shadow such scientists in their unconventional workplaces.

In this episode, we chat with Shoba S. Meera, a speech language pathologist who works with individuals who have communication difficulties across their lifespan, especially autistic children and their families.

Host: Subhra Priyadarshini, production and script: Aroma Warsi, sound editing: Prince George.