‘Business of science’ digest—March 2021

Our monthly roundup of 'business of science' stories from across Springer Nature’s portfolio of journals explores the relationships between academia, startups and big pharma, as well as following the progress of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

How large pharma impacts biotechnology startup success

Interactions between startups and large pharma are pivotal to bring therapeutics successfully to the market, startup entrepreneurs need to plan how and when to best start the relationship.

Nature Biotechnology

Financing breaks all records in 2020

Last year was one of the best ever for biotech financing across the globe. Stock indices remained up through December. Initial public offerings (IPOs) had a particularly successful year, with more than 73 life science firms collectively raising over $22 billion.

Nature Biotechnology

Life sciences intellectual property licensing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Of the 30 top-selling drugs in 2000, only 5 were traceable to biotech universities, but by 2018, more than one-half of the top 30 drugs were sourced from academia. However, few data are available on their performance and the magnitude of their impact. This study of life sciences technology licensing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology looks at the effects of technology transfer by academia.

Nature Biotechnology

Bispecific antibodies poised to deliver wave of cancer therapies

An explosion of new formats for bispecific antibodies promises to propel the field to better clinical outcomes in oncology.

Nature Biotechnology

Top companies and drugs by sales in 2020

Despite COVID-19’s huge global impact in 2020, it had relatively little impact on drug sales. Lisa Urquhart, editor of Evaluate Vantage, a pharma and biotech news service, looks at which companies are seeing the biggest product sales.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

FDA authorizes first single-shot COVID-19 vaccine

The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization to Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, the first single-shot COVID-19 vaccine and the first adenovirus-based vaccine to secure a regulatory green light in the USA.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Scarcity of COVID shots might boost demand among the vaccine-hesitant

Willingness is rising, even among skeptical groups, at a time when there are still not enough doses to go around.

Scientific American

Why COVID vaccines are so difficult to compare

Despite the widespread roll-out of several vaccines, it could be months before they can be ranked.


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