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To all antibody hunters: “Have you screened enough?”

Does this question haunt you? If so, please contact Single Cell Technology (SCT), designated “Most innovative new antibody technology” at the 2013 Protein Engineering Summit. Going well beyond inefficient hybridomas and less specific synthetic display libraries, SCT directly interrogates a large number of native B cells, especially plasma cells, to identify hundreds and even thousands of unique antibodies using an elegant miniaturized assay. SCT leverages the latest advances in microfabrication, next-generation DNA sequencing, molecular biology, mechanical engineering, bioinformatics and microarray technology. SCT’s revolutionary screening platform enables a multi-host campaign and an in-depth analysis of a host’s humoral response to yield the Antibody Atlas—a massive database capturing the essence of an antibody repertoire: kinetics, paratope family, functional activity, paired VH and VL sequence. Such multidimensional information allows you to rapidly triage the most promising candidates.

With the Antibody Atlas, you can finally answer “Yes!” to “Have you screened enough?”.


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