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stat-MD™ Point-of-Care Diagnostics Platform

The stat-MD™ Point-of-Care Diagnostic Platform is a mobile testing platform that reduces the depth-of-testing of full-scale clinical laboratories into a catalogue of disposable test cartridges and a small analytical instrument. stat-MD™ Analytical Cartridges realize a first ever hyperplexing capacity (multi-specimen/multi-panel), and its ‘in-cartridge’ programmable reagent delivery system can accommodate asymmetric bench chemistries without the cost or complexity of MEMs pumps, valving, or electro-wetting strategies.

We will use this tool to equip and integrate healthcare providers worldwide with comprehensive on-site clinical testing laying the foundation for a global biosurveillance system powerful enough to anticipate and track threats to global health in real-time, and match global healthcare needs for the next millennium.

Patents pertaining to stat-MD™ technology are pending in numerous jurisdictions. All rights and interest to stat-MD™ products and services are owned and controlled by Modular Diagnostics.

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