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HitGen – OpenDEL

Making encoded library technology a viable alternative to HTS

HitGen’s new OpenDEL encoded library of over 145 million small molecules, all with drug-like properties, can be screened using only 2 mg of target protein, at costs comparable to HTS on much smaller decks. The OpenDEL library is based on 70 different templates and is designed for high diversity within drug-like space.

OpenDEL is just one of the encoded library collections available for screening at HitGen; the other libraries, including the Macrocycle Lead-Finder library, have demonstrated the ability to generate exciting hits even for challenging targets such as PPIs.

Contact details:

Jin Li, CEO | F7-10, Building B3, Tianfu Life Science Park,

88 South Keyuan Road, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan, China

Tel: +86 288 519 7385 | Email:


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