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Global Talent Recruitment Announcement Institute of Eco-Chongming, East China Normal University

Credit: East China Normal University

Institute of Eco-Chongming (IEC), located on the scenic Chongming Island, Shanghai, China, is a newly founded research institute of East China Normal University (ECNU). IEC strives to establish a research platform of interdisciplinary studies in ecology, environment, and Earth System Sciences. Under the concept of “opening up, collaboration, and pursuit of excellence,” IEC provides the scientific and technological support that is critical for the sustainable development of Chongming as a world-class ecological island.

Positions Available

IEC is recruiting highly qualified individuals in the fields of ecology, environmental sciences, geoscience or other related fields or the following positions:

1. Professors and Associate Professors

Requirements: Candidates applying for this position must have obtained a PhD in addition to an outstanding international academic and research background. The research achievements should be recognized domestically as well as internationally, and have produced or intend to produce a lasting and major impact on their fields of study.

2. Chongming Postdoctoral Fellows

Requirements: Candidates must have obtained a PhD and can conduct scientific research independently.

Research areas: water pollution prevention and control, ecological restoration, ecological monitoring, ecological modelling and remote sensing, carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle, eco-island assessment and planning, or other fields relevant to ecology and geoscience.

Salaries and Benefit

1. IEC shall provide an internationally competitive compensation package, including the salary, start-up research funds and housing allowance. This is contingent upon the candidate’s work experience and potential achievements.

2. ECNU shall provide other benefits, such as registered permanent residence in Shanghai, social and health insurance, housing provident fund, apartments for short-term use, and children's admissions to ECNU-affiliated schools.


Candidates are to send the following documents to:

1. Cover letter;

2. Application Form, which can be downloaded at;

3. Supporting documents

For professor/associate professor positions:

Degree certificates, diploma certificates, certificates of employment and titles, fie representative published papers, completed research projects, participation in major international academic activities, appointments or memberships in professional or scientific societies, and ward certificates of scientific and technological achievements at the provincial level or above;

For the position of “Chongming Postdoctoral Fellows”:

Degree certificates and diploma certificates, three representative published papers;

4. Contact details of three referees.

Contact: Maoxin Lu

Tel: 8621-59611221



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