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The best of both worlds: immortalized cells that keep their physiological relevance

Many scientists experience the challenges of obtaining cells with high biological relevance and producing enough cells to run their assays without introducing variability. hTERT-immortalized primary cells address both issues. Here, ATCC scientists discuss a broad portfolio of hTERT-immortalized primary cells and provide application data to illustrate how these cell models can easily be incorporated into your workflow.

View webinar here.

Key Points:

· There is a lack of in vitro models that durably and correctly recapitulate in vivo physiology

· hTERT-immortalized primary cells solve the problem of limited biological relevancy in cell-based assays

· hTERT-immortalized primary cells exhibit the growth characteristics of a continuous cell line but maintain the physiology of a primary cell

· ATCC has created kidney cell models using a well-characterized hTERT-immortalized RPTEC that stably overexpress the OAT1, OCT2, or OAT3 gene; our data show that these modified cell lines are very useful tools that provide kidney tissue-relevant results, improved consistency over time, and predictability for clinical trials


Kevin Grady is the Senior Product Line Business Manager for Cell Biology at ATCC. He has previously held positions at Lonza as Worldwide Product Manager and Director of Scientific Support. Kevin has a long history in the life science industry, also having served as Director of Scientific Support at Amaxa and Manager of Technical Support at Life Technologies. Kevin has always found great satisfaction in helping researchers learn to use products and tools to be more productive and successful in reaching their research goals.

Chaozhong Zou is a former Senior Scientist and was the Group Leader of the Immortalized Cells group at ATCC Cell Systems.

Dr. Zou has extensive experience in cell-related product development such as immortalized cell lines, stable reporter cell lines, and cell-based assays development. He was a research scientist at NorthShore University HealthSystem, University of Chicago Medical School and conducted postdoctoral research at Northwestern University and Tufts University.

For more information on how to enhance your research with advanced biological models, visit ATCC online.

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