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Melbourne, Victoria—Number 1 in Australia for medical research and biotechnology

Victoria continues to maintain its global reputation for creating positive change by delivering knowledge leadership for a better world.

Victorian researchers and commercial companies continue to lead Australia’s output in innovative health and biotechnology products. Supported by a strong physical office presence in China and regular exchanges, Victoria continues to build and deliver new and enduring partnerships with China.

Melbourne is Australia’s premier biotechnology location. Recognised for its high-quality, rapid and cost-effective clinical trials, favourable R&D environment, and a supportive government, it is working with leading international companies keen to access its capabilities to develop innovative new global healthcare products.

Melbourne’s researchers receive the largest proportion of Australia’s medical research funding and it is the leading location for Australia’s investment management in biotechnology. Home to ASX-listed companies responsible for over 60% of Australia’s total biotechnology market capitalisation, it has a growing industry designing health-related devices and manufacturing pharmaceutical and health supplement products.

Melbourne has direct access to Asian and Chinese markets and a network of international offices, helping companies reach into new markets. China is Victoria’s largest trading partner and a growing source of investment and new partnerships. Our Trade and Investment offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu and Hong Kong, together with highly active sister-state relationships with Jiangsu and Sichuan Provinces, and the sister-city relationship with Tianjin, demonstrate our priority to progress productive bilateral relations between Victoria and China.

The Victorian Government’s strong focus on trade and investment links with China is delivering positive results and we welcome further opportunities to engage and Learn more: invest.vic.gov.au

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