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Talent100: HKBU’s Global Recruitment

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is one of Asia’s best higher education institutions. Committed to academic excellence and a comprehensive education, HKBU focuses on both teaching and research, and encourages social services. In 2017, the University refreshed its vision, engendering the aspiration of “being a leading liberal arts university in Asia for the world, delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative and global culture”.

As part of this goal, HKBU is launching the Talent100 Global Recruitment Initiative. “The recruitment plan is a key strategic move to achieve our renewed vision,” says Roland Chin, HKBU’s president and vice-chancellor. “At the heart of our vision lies a commitment to advancing world-leading interdisciplinary research that tackles major issues impacting humanity and the world, and talent is the key to realising this.”

Creative Media and Practice

A powerful creativity-based platform that spurs technological innovation, socioeconomic growth, artistic practice, and Hong Kong-based and national cultural policies, this cluster is anchored by three pillars:

1. Cultural capital investment

2. Practice-led innovations

3. Social care

Spearheading projects that expand artistic opportunities for meaningful and sustainable social engagements include:

1. Social opera for reimagining ageing

2. Green creative media

Health, and Drug Discovery

Tackling the grand challenge of the diseases associated with ageing, this cluster incorporates frontier sciences and the therapeutic wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment, prevention and recovery of neurodegenerative and joint-bone diseases. Three research themes are defined, which adopt a multidisciplinary approach and use integrated analysis in phenomics, chemical biology and therapeutics:

1. Technological advancement

2. Disease modelling

3. Healthy active living

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

This cluster seeks to solve important real-world problems in various domains using robust, safe and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. It focuses on three research themes:

1. Chinese medicine and healthcare

2. Social communications and digital media

3. Geoinformatics and environment

Ongoing exciting projects include:

1. Computational modelling for cancer disease progression

2. Data journalism

3. Urban and transportation analytics

4. Energy and climate analytics

Cluster hiring

The Talent100 recruitment plan seeks 100 faculty members at the levels of assistant, associate and full professors, focusing on three interdisciplinary clusters, designated as strategic fields for development at HKBU. Professionals with expertise in other areas of HKBU’s research endeavours are also encouraged to apply.

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