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00:45 The role of serine in diabetic neuropathy

Nerve damage is a common complication of diabetes, and can even lead to limb amputation. Thus far, the only way for people to slow its onset is by managing their diet and lifestyle. Now though, research in mice shows how the amino acid serine may be key to this nerve damage, suggesting a potential role for the molecule in future therapeutics.

Research article: Handzlik et al.

News and Views: Serine deficiency causes complications in diabetes

06:47 Research Highlights

DNA from chickens is spreading to their wild relatives, and a hidden magma chamber is revealed beneath an underwater volcano.

Research Highlight: Chickens’ DNA is fouling the genomes of their wild relatives

Research Highlight: Underwater volcano near Greece is a sleeping menace

09:05 Briefing Chat

We discuss some highlights from the Nature Briefing. This time: how the Hubble Telescope is still helping scientists, and the multimillion-dollar trade of paper authorships.

Nature News: Why the Hubble telescope is still in the game — even as JWST wows

Nature News: Multimillion-dollar trade in paper authorships alarms publishers

Nature Video: Drowning in seaweed: How to stop invasive Sargassum

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