I am one of the initiators of an open letter from Ukraine’s scientific community (see https://doi.org/hjw9) that calls for wide-ranging academic sanctions in response to Russia’s shameful military attack on Ukraine on 24 February (Nature https://doi.org/hjxc; 2022). So far, more than 6,000 scientists from Ukraine and worldwide have signed it (see go.nature.com/3hoh).

Such sanctions would effectively cut off Russia’s access to new technologies, scientific research and information support. Examples include blocking access to all scientometric databases and international grant programmes, and ceasing to index scientific publications from Russia.

We beg for strong support from the international research community at this terrible time in Ukraine (Nature https://doi.org/hjxb; 2022). Only with unity shall we be able to survive this terrible war. To sign the petition, go to go.nature.com/3cmwp.