Hear the latest science news, with Benjamin Thompson and Shamini Bundell.

In this episode:

01:21 Reassessing Earth’s climate over the past 24,000 years

The ~20,000 year period from the Last Glacial Maximum to the pre-industrial era saw huge changes to the Earth’s climate. But characterising how temperatures changed during this time has been difficult, with different methods producing different results. Now, a team have combined two techniques, which they hope will provide new insights into the past, and future, of Earth’s climate.

Research article: Osman et al.

News and Views: Global temperature changes mapped across the past 24,000 years

09:53 COP26 Briefing Chat

The United Nations’ climate change conference COP26 continues this week. In this special edition of the Briefing Chat, we head over to the conference to hear the latest on what’s been happening, and the measures being discussed to tackle future warming.

Collection: COP26: Inside the science

Video: Your COP26 questions answered: carbon capture

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