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Webcast: How to do a great peer review

This Nature Careers webinar is now available to view as video-on-demand. In the 60-minute session, three speakers share their advice, approaches and opinions on peer review, before spending some time answering questions from Nature’s readers.

First, we hear from Mathew Stiller-Reeve, a scientific consultant based in Norway. He outlines his structured approach to peer review. “Put yourself on the side of the author,” he says, “and review for others as you would like to be reviewed.”

Rebekah Baglini, a linguist at Aarhus University, Denmark, recommends neutral-language peer reviews. Her advice is simple: “Review the submission, not your experience of reading it.”

Finally, we hear from Theo van den Broek, a senior postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Translational Immunology and a resident in clinical microbiology at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands. Van den Broek co-founded a journal, in part to gain experience in peer review and publishing. “Be passionate; proactive in finding and creating your own opportunities,” he says.

The session was held on 8 April 2021, and concluded with a live Q&A discussion.

It forms part of Nature Careers’ ongoing 2021 webinar programme. For information about future topics, please visit



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