Noah Baker, Amy Maxmen and Richard Van Noorden discuss the latest COVID-19 news.

In this episode:

00:52 Testing disparities

As testing capacities increase, it is clear that not everyone has equal access. But grassroots organisations are trying to correct this inequity. We hear about one researcher’s fight to get testing to those below the poverty line in California.

09:04 The hydroxychloroquine saga continues

As a high profile study in the Lancet is retracted, the first data from clinical trials is coming in and it is not encouraging. We discuss the murky future of hydroxychloroquine as a COVID drug.

News: High-profile coronavirus retractions raise concerns about data oversight

12:31 Will the Surgisphere scandal erode trust in science?

A questionable dataset from a mysterious company has forced high-profile retractions and thrown doubt over drug trials and public health policies. What will the fallout be and can researchers weather the storm?

23:23 Back in the lab

As lockdowns ease, researchers are starting to go back to the lab. But with various restrictions in place, what does science look like in the new normal?

News: Return to the lab: scientists face shiftwork, masks and distancing as coronavirus lockdowns ease

Careers: Coronavirus diaries: back to the lab again

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