This week, a newly discovered bird species from the time of the dinosaurs, and microbes hundreds of metres below the ocean floor.

In this episode:

00:44 A tiny, toothy, ancient bird

Researchers have found a perfectly preserved bird fossil trapped in amber, with some rather unusual features.

The paper covered in this podcast has been retracted. New evidence suggests that the specimen might actually be a lizard, and not a bird-like dinosaur.

Read more in this article.

The retracted paper can be found here:

08:09 Research Highlights

Dental hygiene in the time of the Vikings, and wildebeest bones feed an African ecosystem. Research Article: Bertilsson et al; Research Article: Subalusky et al.

10:21 Deep sea life

Scientists have uncovered traces of life 750m below the ocean’s surface. Research article: Li et al.

17:31 News Chat

Updates on the Coronavirus outbreak, and peer review in predatory journals. News: Coronavirus: latest news on spreading infection; News: Labs rush to study coronavirus in transgenic animals — some are in short supply

CORRECTION: This podcast states that the small bird skull found in amber is 7.1mm long. This figure only refers to the back section of the skull excluding the ‘beak’. The skull is actually 14.25mm long.

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