Chile: reform science policy to tackle social problems

Autonomous University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

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Finding solutions to Chile’s current social turmoil will demand efforts from every sector, including the research community (see Nature 575, 265–266; 2019). Our contribution will depend on government support for a more ambitious, participatory policy for science, technology and innovation.

In the past, Chile’s science policy has focused on boosting productivity and economic growth. However, the problems highlighted by the latest social unrest are unlikely to be solved just by increasing gross domestic product (see also P. A. Besnier Nature 511, 385; 2014).

Creating a more comprehensive science and innovation policy will also require a new, improved way of doing politics. More players must be involved, including citizen representatives, to allow their perspective to optimize future policies for society’s well-being.

Nature 575, 443 (2019)

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