Working Scientist podcast: Start looking for jobs before you finish your PhD

Gaia Donati and Julie Gould discuss some of the career issues faced by physicists today.
Julie Gould is a freelance journalist in London, and produces the Nature Careers Podcast.

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Gaia Donati and Julie Gould discuss career transitions and Donati's move into scientific publishing following a PhD in physics.

In the final episode of this six-part podcast series about physics careers, Gaia Donati draws on her contact with fellow physicists in her role as a manuscript editor at Nature, where she oversees research papers in several areas, including quantum information and computing, high-energy physics and plasma physics.

She also reflects on her own career experience and how academia in her native Italy compares to the UK, where she gained her PhD in 2015. "Start looking for jobs before you finish your PhD," Donati advises.

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