This week, how the climate has changed throughout history, and why enforcing vaccination should be done with care.

In this episode:

00:39 Climate through time

Researchers have modelled how climate has changed throughout the past 2000 years. Research article: Neukom et al.; Research article: Neukom et al.; News and Views: The aberrant global synchrony of present-day warming

06:45 Research Highlights

Making a self-propelleding liquid, and the benefit of laugh tracks. Research Highlight: How to make water flow uphill; Research Highlight: To make lame jokes funnier, cue the laugh track

08:35 Make vaccines mandatory?

Scientists have warned that enforcing vaccinations could backfire, so should be done carefully. Comment: Mandate vaccination with care

14:15 News Chat

The UK’s new prime-minister, and the launch of an Indian moon mission. News: What Boris Johnson’s leadership could mean for science; News: India launches ambitious second Moon mission

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