This week, rewriting the script of life, and a trip to the far side of the Moon.

In this episode:

00:45 Recoding the E.coli genome

Researchers have reduced the number of DNA codons used to make proteins. Research article: Chin et al.

07:33 Research Highlights

Lead pollution during the Roman Empire, and pandas’ genetic diversity. Research Highlight: Lead from Roman mines pollutes ancient Alpine ice; Research Highlight: Long-extinct pandas left a living legacy

10:10 The make up of the far side of the moon

Initial observations from the first lander to touch down on the far side of the Moon. Research article: Li et al.

16:08 News Chat

Open access uptake around the globe, and the drones investigating tornado formation. News: Indonesia tops open-access publishing charts; News: Tornado scientists send drone fleet into violent thunderstorms

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