A European initiative to unclog pipeline for new medicines

University of Edinburgh, UK.

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Janssen Research & Development, Beerse, Belgium.

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Problems with the provenance of biomedical research findings occur in the pharmaceutical industry and in contract research organizations, as well as in academic institutions (see A. Casadevall Nature 568, 7; 2019). Strategies that counter biased reasoning and encourage better record-keeping — such as blinding, randomization and appropriately designed data collection and analysis — should therefore be applied across sectoral divides.

We are developing a flexible quality-management framework that aims to improve conduct and reporting of preclinical research in both the public and the private sectors. The framework is being generated by the European Quality in Preclinical Data (EQIPD) project, which draws members from the pharmaceutical industry, academic institutions and contract research organizations (see, and is financially supported through the European Union’s Innovative Medicines Initiative.

The EQIPD will engage with the wider biomedical-research community to pilot the quality-management framework. Individuals wishing to contribute are invited to get in touch.

Nature 568, 458 (2019)

doi: 10.1038/d41586-019-01293-5

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