This week, how humans are affecting Kilimanjaro's ecosystems, differences in pain based on biological sex, and refrigerating with crystals.

In this episode:

01:12 How biological sex could affect pain pathways

Researchers are trying to understand the underlying mechanisms of pain in males and females. Feature: Why the sexes don’t feel pain the same way

07:55 Cooling with crystals

‘Plastic crystals’ show peculiar properties under pressure and could be used in refrigeration. Research Article: Colossal barocaloric effects in plastic crystals; News and Views: Refrigeration based on plastic crystals

13:10 Research Highlights

How tumours-on-a-chip could customise cancer treatment, and an ancient monkey skeleton. Research highlight: A 3D printer loaded with cancerous ‘ink’ churns out mini-brain tumours; Research highlight: A pet monkey was buried some 4,000 years ago with same rites as humans

15:05 Evaluating ecosystems on Mount Kilimanjaro

How are humans impacting the different ecosystems on Mount Kilimanjaro? Research Article: Climate-land-use interactions shape tropical mountain biodiversity and ecosystem functions; News and Views: A mountain of ecological interactions

21:55 News Chat

Scientists join the People’s Vote march to asking for a second Brexit referendum, and a scientific exchange between North Korea and Italy. News: Scientists among thousands marching to demand say on Brexit; News: North Korean physicists forge rare exchange deal with Italy

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