This week, cuckoo parenting tips, topological materials, and yeast-grown cannabinoids.

In this episode:

00:46 Parental strategies of the Greater Ani

What’s the best way to raise your young? One bird in Panama uses both fair means and foul. Research article: Riehl and Strong

08:01 The curious world of topology

We hear about a leap forward in the search for topological materials. Editorial: Data mining uncovers a treasure trove of topological materials; Comment: Beware of plausible predictions of fantasy materials; Research article: Zhang et al.; Research article: Vergniory et al.; Research article: Tang et al.

15:02 Research Highlights

Insights into the garden strawberry’s ancestry, and uncovering how grapes make plasma. Research highlight: The humble wild plant that made the strawberry succulent; Research highlight: Why microwaving a grape sparks a fiery glow

17:18 Making cannabinoids in yeast

Researchers have engineered brewer’s yeast to make the active ingredients of cannabis. Research article: Luo et al.

24:18 News Chat

In November 2018, news broke of CRISPR being used to make gene-edited babies. What are the big questions left to answer? News: The CRISPR-baby scandal: what’s next for human gene-editing

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