This week, creating a cell atlas for mice, and the benefits of cataloguing viruses.

In this episode:

00:46 Mapping mice cells

Researchers are making atlases of every cell in mouse embryos. Research article: Göttgens et al.; Research article: Shendure et al.

08:48 Research Highlights

Bat mums help their kids find somewhere to live, and a salty star is spotted. Research highlight: Young bats rely on Mum for real-estate advice; Research highlight: A young star is sprinkled with table salt

10:43 A library of the world’s viruses

Cataloguing every virus on Earth would be a mammoth task, yet some researchers are saying we should do just that. Comment article: Classify viruses — the gain is worth the pain

16:51 News Chat

Farewell to Opportunity, Israel’s first moon lander and Neptune’s new moon. News: Opportunity lost: NASA says goodbye to pioneering Mars rover; News: First Private moon lander is getting ready to launch; Research article: Showalter et al.

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