This week, virtual drug discovery, and a new addition to the CRISPR toolkit.

01:21 CasX: A new, smaller CRISPR protein

Researchers have added a new enzyme to their gene-editing toolkit. Research article: Doudna et al.

08:24 Research Highlights

UV reveals pink squirrels, and the role of microbes in lung cancer. Research Highlight: Flying squirrels are secretly pink; Research Highlight: Lung tumours swell when prodded by airway microbes

10:30 Massive chemical libraries

By virtually screening millions of chemicals, researchers are hoping to speed up drug discovery. Research article: Shoichet et al.

18:02 News Chat

The upcoming UK research audit, and the European scientists without Elsevier access. Seven Days: Neutrino hunt resumes, ITER’s new confidence and Elsevier’s woes; News: Thousands of scientists run up against Elsevier’s paywall

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