This week, the female chemists who helped build the periodic table, and harnessing the extra energy in Wi-Fi signals.

00:47 Collecting power from radio waves

Could ubiquitous Wi-Fi signals be used to charge electronics? Research article: Zhang et al.

07:13 The women behind the periodic table

We highlight some some of the lesser-known female chemists who discovered new elements. Comment: Celebrate the women behind the periodic table

13:47 Research Highlights

The genetics of sleep rhythms, and treating eye cancer with a virus. Research article: Jones et al.; Research Highlight: Killer virus unleashed on a childhood eye cancer

16:00 News Chat

The impacts of the US shutdown on science, and the use of drones in conservation. News: Scientists relieved but wary as US shutdown ends; News: Drones unleashed against invasive rats in the Galápagos

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