This week, targeting latent HIV, the breeding behaviour of bold birds, and an update on a near-Earth asteroid mission.

In this episode:

00:45 An update from an asteroid

Makoto Yoshikawa, Hayabusa2’s Mission Leader, gives us the latest news from the Ryugu near-Earth asteroid. News: Japanese rover lands on ancient asteroid for 16 hour-mission

08:34 A double hit against dormant HIV

A new drug combination shows promise for treating latent HIV in monkeys. Research paper: Borducchi et al.; News and Views: Combination treatment prevents HIV re-emergence in monkeys

14:58 Research Highlights

Meteors light up Jupiter; and a record breaking battery. Research Highlight: Jupiter takes an annual pummelling from the Solar System; Research Highlight: Record-breaking battery saves sunshine for a rainy day

17:57 Bold birds

Research shows that bolder birds meet future partners quicker. Research paper: Firth et al.

23:31 News Chat

Who are the 2018 Nobel Prize Winners? News: Physics Nobel won by laser wizardry – laureates include first woman in 55 years; News: Cancer immunologists scoop medicine Nobel prize; News: ‘Test-tube’ evolution wins Chemistry Nobel Prize

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