This week, the ethics of sucking carbon-dioxide out of the atmosphere and bee swarms under strain.

In this episode:

01:51 The ethics of negative emissions technologies

What are the human costs of dedicating vast swathes of land to removing carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere? Comment: Don’t deploy negative emissions technologies without ethical analysis; Royal Society report: Greenhouse gas removal

08:49 Research Highlights

The ‘water footprint’ of a balanced diet, and how wound-up DNA defeats CRISPR. Research Highlight: The foods that could save Europe’s water and boost Europeans’ health; Research Highlight: How DNA fends off a favourite gene-editing tool

10:38 How honey bee swarms keep it together

Research reveals how bees take the strain to withstand environmental stress. Research paper: Peleg et al.; Nature Video: Shake those bees back and forth: Smart swarm intelligence

16:52 News Chat

Child labour in prehistory, and unseen behaviours in the deep ocean. News: Prehistoric children as young as eight worked as brickmakers and miners; News: The hidden lives of deep-sea creatures caught on camera

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