This week, the oldest drawing ever found and the hidden energy costs of data.

In this episode:

00:39 Ancient hashtag

An abstract drawing from a South African cave helps bring the lives of ancient homo sapiens into focus. Research paper: Henshilwood et al.; Editorial: The earliest known drawing in history sends a message through 73,000 years; News: World's oldest drawing is Stone Age crayon doodle

07:54 Research Highlights

An omnivorous shark; and fighting flu. Research Highlight: The world’s first flexitarian shark grazes like a cow; Research Highlight: Meagre ranks of anti-flu drugs look set to grow

09:27 Digital energy

What are the hidden costs of all our data? Feature: How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity

16:42 News Chat

Wildfire pollution; and peer review fatigue. News: Raging wildfires send scientists scrambling to study health effects; News: Peer reviewers unmasked: largest global survey reveals trends

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