This week, shaping the gut microbiota, geoengineering’s effect on farming, and the genetics of fox aggression.

In this episode:

00:45 Geoengineering and your food

A new study suggests that undoing some of the warming from greenhouse gases wouldn’t undo the effects on agriculture: Research paper: Proctor et al.

07:12 Gut bacteria vs the immune system

An insight into how the immune system affects the gut microbiota of mice: Research paper: Fulde et al.

11:57 Research Highlights

Modern humans aren’t at all hobbit; and mapping microbes on the metro: Research Highlight: A single island spawned two populations of miniature humans; Research Highlight: Transport network’s handrails teem with a mix of microbes during evening rush hour

13:33 Fox genetics

Over half a century of studying tame and wild foxes uncovers some genetic clues to aggression: Research paper: Kukekova et al.

19:42 News Chat

The winners of a prestigious maths prize; and a new look at the origins of language: News: Number-theory prodigy among winners of most coveted prize in mathematics; News: Diverse genome study upends understanding of how language evolved

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