Podcast: Air pollution, sick plants, and stress

Listen to Adam Levy and Shamini Bundell bring you the latest science news.

This week, air pollution and infant death, stressed brains, and diagnosing sick plants from afar.

In this episode:

00:53 The human cost of unclean air

A new paper finds that one in five infant deaths in sub-Saharan African are down to air pollution. Research paper: Neal et al.; Research paper: Lelieveld et al; Nature Podcast: 17 September 2015

07:03 Diagnosing diseased plants

Remote sensing allows researchers to identify Xylella-infected plants from afar. Research paper: Zarco-Tejada et al.; Nature Podcast: 4 June 2015; Research Highlight: 'Eyes in the sky' spot hidden threat to Italy’s olive trees

13:15 Research Highlights

Creating a water-repelling material from egg shells, and oak trees’ secret to a long life. Research Highlight: An eggshell mixture that sheds water and shrugs off punishment; Research Highlight: Oaks last 800 years with help of DNA double take

14:52 Stressed brains

Newly formed neurons affect how mice respond to stress. Research paper: Anacker et al.

21:39 News Chat

Recruiting genetically modified bacteria to fight disease, and probing a ‘dark asteroid’. News: Genetically modified bacteria enlisted in fight against disease; News: Daring Japanese mission reaches unexplored asteroid Ryugu


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