This week, air pollution and infant death, stressed brains, and diagnosing sick plants from afar.

In this episode:

00:53 The human cost of unclean air

A new paper finds that one in five infant deaths in sub-Saharan African are down to air pollution. Research paper: Neal et al.; Research paper: Lelieveld et al; Nature Podcast: 17 September 2015

07:03 Diagnosing diseased plants

Remote sensing allows researchers to identify Xylella-infected plants from afar. Research paper: Zarco-Tejada et al.; Nature Podcast: 4 June 2015; Research Highlight: 'Eyes in the sky' spot hidden threat to Italy’s olive trees

13:15 Research Highlights

Creating a water-repelling material from egg shells, and oak trees’ secret to a long life. Research Highlight: An eggshell mixture that sheds water and shrugs off punishment; Research Highlight: Oaks last 800 years with help of DNA double take

14:52 Stressed brains

Newly formed neurons affect how mice respond to stress. Research paper: Anacker et al.

21:39 News Chat

Recruiting genetically modified bacteria to fight disease, and probing a ‘dark asteroid’. News: Genetically modified bacteria enlisted in fight against disease; News: Daring Japanese mission reaches unexplored asteroid Ryugu


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