50 & 100 years ago

50 Years Ago

A modern approach to the study of salmon migration has been started … The project involves the use of a computer in a three year analysis of the factors involved in the migration of salmon to fresh-water rivers and those which might affect the fish on its return to the sea. The analysis appears to be the first of its kind in Europe and possibly in the world … Data from a number of rivers will be fed into the computer at intervals of about a month. Physical factors which may be connected with the movement of salmon are being recorded, particularly river flow, air and water temperature, amount of light … and solar radiation … In addition, special fish traps record all the fish swimming up or down the river.

From Nature 20 April 1968

100 Years Ago

The possibility of an aerial mail has often been commented upon … and it is very interesting to note that a company has actually been formed in Norway for the purpose of establishing a mail service between Aberdeen and Stavanger. This trip was made just before war broke out … in about five hours’ flying, and it is estimated that the mail services will reduce this to four and a half hours with modern machines. An extension of the system to Christiania and Copenhagen is contemplated, and it is hoped that letters leaving Aberdeen in the morning would be delivered in both these cities in the afternoon … The value of such a mail service would be very great at a time when the oversea service is so seriously hampered by the German submarine campaign, and the satisfactory establishment of the contemplated Norwegian service would undoubtedly soon lead to a general use of the aeroplane for rapid international communication.

From Nature 18 April 1918

Nature 556, 317 (2018)

doi: 10.1038/d41586-018-04576-5

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