A report that gauges the preferred destinations of prospective students from around the world suggests that the United States and the United Kingdom are losing their appeal for students from some regions. ‘Applicant Survey 2018: What Drives an International Student Today?’ — conducted by London-based educational-marketing group Quacquarelli Symonds during the 2016–17 academic year — finds that more students than before are aiming for Canada, Australia or elsewhere. Overall, 48% of the 16,560 students surveyed listed the United States as one of their preferred destinations. The United Kingdom came in second at 42%, followed by Canada at 34%, and Australia and Germany at 28% each. The survey found that Canada had risen in popularity with prospective students from all regions, and had replaced the United Kingdom as the second most popular destination for respondents from Latin America and the Middle East and Africa. The United States had declined in popularity in some countries in Africa and the Middle East. The report speculates that the election of Donald Trump as US president and the UK Brexit vote might have influenced respondents’ indications of interest.