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Stem Cell Niche, the Microenvironment and Immunological Crosstalk


The concept of stem cells, their physiological existence, the intricate anatomical localization, the known and the unknown functions, and their exclusive utility for the purpose of regenerative medicine, are all now encompassed within an emergent question, ‘how compatible these cells are immunologically?’ Indeed, the medical aspects of stem cells are dependent on a large number of queries based on the basic properties of the cells. It has greatly been emphasized to probe into the basic research on stem cells before any successful therapeutic attempts are made. One of the intricate aspects of the adult stem cells is its immunological behavior in relation to the microenvironmental associates, the stromal cells in the presence of a suitable target.

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Sujata, L., Chaudhuri, S. Stem Cell Niche, the Microenvironment and Immunological Crosstalk. Cell Mol Immunol 5, 107–112 (2008).

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  • stem cell niche
  • stromal immunology

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